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May 29, 2011 Ashleigh

Morsels is a bite-sized bakery in Traverse City and while their desserts are bite-sized, the interior of this restaurant is bite-sized too. When we got there, there were probably five other people and it was crowded. The girl working told us she was busy and asked us to wait by the Morsels (which are on shelves directly across from the door).

While she finished what she was doing we browsed the morsels. They have everything from chocolate chip cookies to a cheddar cheese biscuit and everything has a unique name. Some are named for celebrities that have been in the store such as Audrey Niffenegger (author of The Time Traveler’s Wife). They even have morsels for your dog!

Our Morsels
I tried the Devil’s in the Details (cream filled chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache) and Seventh Heaven (seven layer bar with graham cracker, coconut, butterscotch, pecan, and chocolate) . My fiancée tried the Velvet and Satin (red velvet cake with cream cheese icing) and Lemon Mellow (Lemon Cake with Vanilla icing). I also tried one of their coffee drinks, the Boston Latte which was a latte with honey and it was served with a nice leaf-design on the top.

I LOVED the Seventh Heaven, it there were so many flavors in such a little package! The Devil’s in the Details was nothing special (and that’s coming from a chocolate addict). It was a small little chocolate cupcake. My fiancée liked the Lemon Mellow (although I don’t see it on their website). It had a nice lemon flavor but wasn’t too strong. He wasn’t impressed with the Velvet and Satin. He said it just tasted like yellow cake, not like some red velvet cakes that have a hint of chocolate. I was kind of surprised that the small latte was only 8 ounces, but honestly that’s all I needed at the time. It was nice, not bitter, and the right amount of honey.

My only complaint is that the need a bigger store and a quicker coffee prep. We were the only ones with a coffee order and it took over 5 minutes. For a store that specializes in coffee, I expected it to be quicker.

I will definitely be back here! I just think this is a great idea! Bite-sized treats at a reasonable price and a great selection. The coffee was competitively priced as well (cheaper that Starbucks, that’s for sure) and tasted good. I would skip the Devil’s in the Details and the Velvet and Satin and try the Something to Wine About (made to pair with a certain wine) and Espresso Yourself (chocolate cake with Mocha frosting)!

You can even order Morsels online to be delivered to your house! Check out Morsels is located at 104 Cass Street, right at Cass and Front Street in Traverse City.

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