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Captain Joe’s

February 19, 2011 Ashleigh

I am back after another bit of a hiatus (I’m really sorry about that. Someone needs to tell me professors to stop assigning me papers) and this time I will dive into Captain Joe’s Grill in Whitmore Lake.

Captain Joe’s is located in the old Big Boy in Whitmore Lake. The interior is very warm and dimly lit, giving it a romantic feel (if you ignore the TVs by the bar). We visited this restaurant on a Friday night and were immediately seated once we walked in. Both our server and the hostess were very friendly and greeted us with a smile.

The menu is broken down into appetizers, soups, salads, sides, sandwiches & burgers, entrees (which is broken down further into steakhouse, chicken, from the sea, and from the grill), from the bayou, pasta, Mediterranean, and pizza.

We started with the Popeye Bread which is a baguette stuffed with spinach, mozzarella, and parmesan and served with a side of ranch,  Let me tell you, this was AMAZING! And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like spinach. If you go to this restaurant, you will truly be missing out if you do not order this. It was so good, we started digging in before I remembered to take a photo:

Then they brought out the dinner bread which was good. My only complaint was that it was so soft it was difficult to cut.

For my entrée, I ordered the prime rib and I chose the garlic mashed redskins as my side. It also came with a side of au jus on a bed of mixed greens. I was already pretty full from all that bread, but the combination of the prime rib and the garlic potatoes was absolutely divine! If you are in the area and looking for prime rib, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant!

My mom ordered the beef kabobs which was served with pita and a baked potato. She was very satisfied with her meal, but was also too full to each much of it.

My grandma ordered the sesame-crusted tuna which came on a bed of lo-mein noodles. She had two bites and said it was overcooked and too fishy. (While looking at the menus online, I am not seeing this on there. So, they may have taken it off, or it just may not be on the online menu). She ended up sending it back, but she was also quite full so she didn’t get anything else. The server was very friendly about the whole thing and when we were leaving the manager actually came to talk to us about it. He said that tuna is very “fishy” fish and recommended a different fish for next time (I don’t remember which one, though).

My boyfriend ordered the chicken schwarma sandwich which is chicken in a pita with pickles, diced tomatoes, and a garlic sauce. He enjoyed it but he said it wasn’t as good as Aladdin’s in Lansing. He started eating it before I could take a picture, sorry about that.

With the exception of the tuna, we loved everything we had at this restaurant and we all agreed that the Popeye Bread was the best part. And even though my grandma did not enjoy her meal, she said that she would come back again and try something different. Overall, I would definitely recommend this restaurant and strongly encourage you to try to Popeye Bread!

Captain Joe’s is located at 9901 N. Main St in Whitmore Lake, right in the Best Western parking lot, take exit 53 off US 23.

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