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Mim’s Mediterranean Grill

November 12, 2010 Ashleigh

I found Mim’s on TripAdvisor when I was looking for food in Petoskey. It is ranked #6 in Petoskey, so I thought I would give it a try.

Courtesy of crazytales562

I  was kind of surprised after reading the reviews that it is not a full-service restaurant. It’s the kind of place that you order at the counter and they bring it out to you when it is ready. The décor is very basic, but they have a nice patio if you are there in warm weather!

The  menu is fairly limited with appetizers, salads, gyros, plates, and specials and can be found on the Northern Michigan Dining Guide.

I had a combo of a chicken gyro, fries and a drink. It was really good. The gyro had chicken, American cheese, cucumber sauce, tomatoes, and onions. I don’t always like gyros and I liked this.

We also had the meaty gyro which is the original with beef cucumber sauce, tomato, and onion. I am also weary of regular gyros because I don’t like lamb, but this was really good!

We also tried the fiery feta fries. The menu describes it as fries topped with “spicy melted feta cheese.” As I’ve mentioned before, I am weary of spicy things but this wasn’t too hot for me (gosh, I’m sounding picky in this post. Sorry folks). The feta gave it a very unique flavor. I would definitely suggest you try these!

If you are looking for a quick, casual restaurant in the Petoskey area, I would most definitely recommend Mim’s. Although they have a small menu, the food is unlike most other places I’ve seen in Northern Michigan!

Mim’s is located at 1823 US-31 just 1/2 mile north of M-119 in Petoskey.

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