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Deluca’s Restaurant

November 5, 2010 Ashleigh

This week, Eating Michigan takes on Deluca’s Restaurant in Lansing. Deluca’s is a cozy, family run, reasonably-priced Italian restaurant. They have a full bar and they do a big carryout business. The servers are friendly and I think there is something on the menu for everyone.

The menu is broken up into Appetizers, Sandwiches, Pizza and Calzones, Pasta and Italian dishes, Dinner, Soups, Salads, and Beverages.

Dinners include tossed salad or soup and bread. I have to tell you, the salads are huge, especially  for a side salad! The bread is thinly sliced garlic bread that is delicious!

I ordered the Shrimp Parmesan. The shrimp was nicely breaded and the flavors were in great combination with the sauce. My one complaint is that they left the tails on the shrimp so I had to find all the shrimp and remove their tails before eating my meal. Other than that, it was very good and there was actually enough left over for two more meals.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken parmesan, which was pretty much the same as the shrimp parm except with chicken (obviously). It was just as delicious as the shrimp, his only complain: It was too hot. This dish was steaming (mine was as well), but I have to say I would prefer too hot to too cold.

Like I said, everything on the menu is reasonably priced, especially for an Italian restaurant. This is not Olive Garden (although I do enjoy OG every once in a while) with $15+ entrees. If we hadn’t each had a glass of wine, our bill would’ve been less than $10 a person (and the wine brought it up to be $14ish I believe).

It is off the beaten path, in an industrial area of Lansing, but for the price, the quality and quantity of the food is amazing! I give Deluca’s 2 thumbs up! You can find them on the web at They are located at 2006 W. Willow, 1.2 miles east of Waverly Rd in Lansing.

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