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North Peak

September 17, 2010 Ashleigh

North Peak is a brewery and restaurant in Traverse City (it feels like I’ve reviewed a lot of those). The interior is decorated with woods and has a nice, northern feel to it.

I was there on a Sunday and they were using the dinner menu. The dinner menu is brken up into appetizers, hearth baked pizzas, soup & salad, sandwiches, signature dishes, and hand crafted beer. There is also a section on the menu about the Big Daylight Candy Factory, which is what used to be in the building.

I started with a cup of the White Cheddar Ale Soup. It was a kind of small cup for the price, but it was really good and I couldn’t have had much more with my lunch. I LOVED the mustard pretzels that they put on top of the soup, it totally makes the soup unique!
White Cheddar Ale Soup

With my soup, the server also brought us bread and butter. The bread is whole-grain and was really good on a chilly, late summer day.
Dinner Bread

For my entree, I tried the Haystack Pastrami whis is pastrami, fried onions, swiss chees, and spring greens on marbled rye. It was served with orange marmelade mayo which was different. I thought it was OK, but I’m not a real fan of Pastrami, I was hoping all the other stuff would overpower the pastrami and it didn’t. If you like Pastrami, you will like this sandwich! It was served with pub fries which are delicious!
Haystack Pastrami

We also ordered the Sunflower Reuben. This sandwich is served corned beef with apple caraway saurkraut and swiss cheese on sunflower rye. I was eyeing this the whole meal! My dining companion really enjoyed it. It was also served with the pub fries.
Sunflower Reuben

On previous visits we tried the Hearth Fired Pizzas which are AMAZING! I wish I tried it this visit to show you a picture! They have many to choose from but my favorite is the wild mushroom.

Because we were there on a Sunday and they didn’t have the lunch menu, the prices were kind of high for lunch sandwiches ($8.95 each). It would probably be a better deal at “lunch” time during the week!

You can visit their website at They are located at 400 W. Front Street in Traverse City. Kilkenny’s Irish Public House is also located on the lower level of the restaurant.

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  1. jeremy says:

    Next time you go, definitely get the Cherry Gorgonzola Dip. It is like crack.

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